Pot Meeting

Changing the way we say Hi

Your business is growing. The problem is you can’t communicate quickly and securely. Now you can with Pot Meeting.

Powerful Features

Secure Video Conferencing

HD video and peer-to-peer WebRTC for the highest quality and lowest latency possible

Custom DNS

Opt for a co-branded sub domain for your account, or go all-in with a privately branded domain


Text chat with the entire meeting or privately with other participants

VOIP Audio & Teleconferencing

Crystal clear HD audio for web users, plus a conference call bridge for phone users

Private Branding

Purchase a white labeled version of Pot Meeting and customize with your own domain, logos, and colors.

Secure Video Conferencing Links

Create unique access keys for each participant for maximum security of your video conference

Screen Sharing

Share the screen of your desktop or any application window on your computer

Webinar Web Conferencing

Streaming video and audio to large audiences, powered by Ant Media Server.

File Sharing

Exchange documents securely with other participants and save files for future meetings

Breakout Rooms

Move users between meeting rooms for separate conversations


Upload your presentation and share your slides with a live audience

24/7/365 Support

Get technical support when you need it not on somebody else’s schedule.

Email Invitations

Easily invite participants to a meeting via email using our built-in invitation system

Attendee Registration

Require webinar attendees to register in advance on a customizable registration page


Integrate Pot Meeting video conferencing into your application with our GraphQL API


Send links to join a meeting via SMS

Waiting Room

Have meeting guests queue in a waiting room before being allowed to enter

Live Polling

Get instant feedback from webinar attendees with Hand Raise


Record your meetings and download an .mp4 to playback or share

Video Player

Play video and audio from the web during live meeting


View meeting history and usage of your account

IMPORTANT: Some features not available with the Starter and Pro Plans.

Pot Meeting

With Pot Meeting, you can finally have video conferencing and create webinars in one platform, tailored just for the marijuana industry. Connect with your business partners anywhere and on any device using just a browser.

  • Waiting Room
    Gather your participants and see who's attending in the waiting room
  • Screen Sharing
    Share your screen, an image, a window, or your deskotp
  • File Sharing
    Share documents, images, videos, and music with file sharing
  • Live Polling
    Get instant feedback from webinar attendees with Hand Raise
  • Breakout Rooms
    Create breakout rooms for meeting participants to discuss subjects further
  • API
    Use our API to integrate Pot Meeting with your business website
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Pot Meeting has a very easy-to-use video conferencing API. It is driven by GraphQL, a simple query language originally developed by Facebook in 2012 and open sourced in 2015.

Use on any device

All you need is a browser and an internet connection. Use Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari to start or participate in a meeting. Access your account from any device, too.


Pot Meeting Supports the Marijuana Industry

Business communication platforms are essential for any business, not just businesses in the marijuana industry.

Why miss out on quality teleconferencing and webinar services available to companies in the “normal” business community. Get Pot Meeting Now. We’re changing the way people say Hi.

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